Hi, it’s nice to meet you.

My name is Joana and I’m a marketer, content creator, and digital nomad. At various points in my career I’ve been dubbed (or maybe just dubbed myself) a marketing specialist, a digital marketing manager, a communications consultant, and more.

If life were a store, you’d probably find the Digital Marketing Consultant on Aisle 3 under “Marketing”, maybe next to the tubs of Web Developer and across from the Graphic Designer packets. It’s kind of a weird mix.

Where do I start?

I spent the majority of my childhood and early adulthood traveling across countries and continents. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I developed a love of languages along the way. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was inexorably moving towards storytelling and by extension, marketing.

What’s purpose got to do with it, anyway?

After focusing my studies on International Business Administration, I decided to explore the world of events, nonprofits, education, and financial services (not all at once!). During that time, I honed my technical marketing skills but I also yearned to do more. To make a difference. To support those people changing the world with their ideas by helping them tell those important and timely stories.

How does this end with with Digital Marketing?

It’s hard to trust someone with your baby (a.k.a your business) if you have no idea who they are! That’s why regardless of whether I’m developing an overall marketing strategy or solving specific issues around social media or websites, communication comes first. Communication leads to trust. And that trust helps build the type of partnership that creates digital marketing magic.

Now, beyond that…

The rest of the story continues to be written! In the meantime, I share my thoughts about all things marketing and communications and try to get in some Kizomba dancing and guitar playing where I can.


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